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Bush Revelation - Bin Laden Revelations

Bush Revelations - Bin Laden Revelations

Osama Bin Laden & Bush in the Book of Revelations Secret Code. by K D Mains

Usama Bin Ladin & Bush In the Book of Revelations Decoding.

After 20 years of study I finally uncovered a secret code during 2006 that revealed to me that both Osama Bin Laden and Bush are to be found in the Bible and in particular the "Book of Revelations".

Prepare to see the most amazing Bible Code you have ever or likely will ever be presented with!

First I will show you the name "Bush" and how it corresponds to the dates 21/03/03 (or the third week of the third month of the third millennium). If you did not know the Allied attack on Iraq was on the 21st of March 2003.



It would be difficult for me to explain in detail in this short article how I am able to find these details but suffice for now to say it should be fairly easy for you to see how I can see the 21/3/03 date and the word "Bush on line three of the secret code I deciphered from the Book of Revelations. You can also clearly with absolutely no doubt see the words "Read" and "Plans" criss crossing each other. This was one of the first things I found that confirmed to me that I really was on to something with the way I had interpreted the"Puzzle" that is hinted at in the "Book of Revelations"

Now on to Osama Bin Laden the NY Sept Eleventh attacks and other interesting revelations. First of all an anagram of Usama or Osama Bin Laden.



Now obviously this is not exact as it contains anagrams. I must say though that it seems to me to be more mathematically correct than previous versions of Bible Codes that I have come across. But what happens if I add/or move the A so that the spelling is correct.



By making the spelling appear correct for the forename Usama or Osama a startling thing appears the word "Satan" meets up with the "NY" on line 3 of the decoding. All rather strange when you consider that "Bush" and the 21/03/03 info was found on line 3 of the code. But wait there is more that can be seen on this matter for example the words "Sept" & "Eleventh" can also be found! (Please note I realised I spelt Nepthalim wrong in the above tables and the spelling from the Book of Revelations is in the following table.




Now if you are still not convinced that this code is real look even more closely and you can see the words "Suni" Saudi" and Riyad" as well as "Diary" Raid" & "Sus" on line six. Osama Bin Laden just happens to be a Sunni muslim born in Riyad in Saudi Arabia and I and now you are looking at how to Suss out his Diary of raids.

If you want to see even more look on lines 8 and 9 and you can also see the words "Tora Bora" with HQZ leading into it which is also rather strange when you consider that the Battle of Tora Bora was in order to try to find Bin Ladin and at the same time uncovered and "raided" an Al Qaeda and Taliban headquarters (HQZ).




I am writing a book about the findings I have made in the "Book of Revelations" with my ebook the "Book of Revelations Secret Code Revealed" which if you would like a copy you can join my mailing list to be one of the first to receive word of the books completion.

Click here to join the Book of Revelations Secret Code Revealed mailing list.

Article by K D Mains

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