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Princess Diana Revelation - Dodi Revelations

Princess Diana Revelations - Dodi Revelations

Princess Diana & Dodi in the Book of Revelations Secret Code. by K D Mains

Princess Diana & Dodi In the Book of Revelations Decoding.

I have found mention of Princess Diana and Dodi and the infamous car crash that took their lives in the Book of Revelations of the Bible. First I will show you the name Diana including mention of the Merc car and an unusual spelling of her maiden surname of Spencer.


The word Diana can be seen split by the letters USM on line six of the hidden code I found in the Book of Revelations from the Bible. if you look above the ANA of Diana you can also see an alternative spelling of her maiden name of Spencer spelt Spenser. The word Merc can be seen above with the word car reading from right to left leading into it. As a lot of people are aware Merc is the commonly used abbreviation of Mercedes the make of car that Diana and Dodi died in.

Now you can also see the word Dodi between the words Merc and the DI of Diana. I have also shown the word car leading into Merc and Dodi.



Now what is most interesting is that there are other words that lead into certain of the already mentioned words that I have pointed out. The words "Laser" "Pen" " Sun" "Man".



The word Cemera which could be a version of Camera also runs through the word Merc. Now considering the presence of the press at the crash scene I find it strange that the words Cemera Laser and Sun Man appear so intricately entwined within and so closely to the words Diana and Dodi. Why should the words "Sun and Man appear splitting up and leading into Diana (Di and Ana).



You will see I have also highlighted "Paris" the scene of the car crash. The word Paris passes through the words "Merc" "Dodi" and "Diana". One must of course remember though that the word Suni can also be seen. I do not wish to pont the finger at anyone nor evade the truth but IMHO there is definite evidence of either a conspiracy of some sort or of a deeply troubling motive behind the deaths of Diana & Dodi.

You will note I have not included mention of Dodi's family/surname on this page. The reason for that is that it is not there in English as far as I have yet found but this does not mean Dodi's surname is not present in another language other than English.

I will add some more to this article soon but in light of todays news in the UK I thought it a good time to reveal what I have found concerning the death's of Diana and Dodi thus far.


I am writing a book about the findings I have made in the "Book of Revelations" with my ebook the "Book of Revelations Secret Code Revealed" which if you would like a copy you can join my mailing list to be one of the first to receive word of the books completion.

Click here to join the Book of Revelations Secret Code Revealed mailing list.

Article by K D Mains

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